Training paddle, solo trip from Totnes to Diddisham – against the tide

So another training paddle completed this weekend. Managed to combine a social trip to Devon to meet up with the Hamilton’s who were camping at Beara Farm (Buckfastleigh) with a paddle down the Dart. Paddled from Steamer Quay, Totnes to the Ferry Boat Inn, Dittisham in about 2 hours. A good test of a 12km against the in-coming tide, a bit of an uphill slog at times but got a bit of wind assistance and a little surf towards the end. A lovely paddle, spotted plenty of wildlife and few locals, got some well earned time to think after a pretty horrible week and the kids went crabbing at the quay!

Managed an average 5km/hr, over 12km, not bad speed against a fairly strong in-coming tide, interesting conditions at the end, with a light tail wind whipping up a little surf. Was ready for the pint of cider at the Ferry Boat Inn at the end. Tracked the trip on my new tool, a Suunto Trackpod, see the route here.


About colonelorbit

A husband, a father, an Environmental Scientist and a Kayaker - not necessarily in that order!
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