All set for the challenge day on the 8th, hoping for better weather than at the moment!

Finally got all of my equipment together for the big challenge day on the 8th July. Got a shiny new VHF radio, a little strobe light for my BA and a new dry bag to go on the deck to hold all the Scotch eggs and mars bars I’ll need for the long day’s paddling. Have also printed and laminated all the OS maps and tide charts I’ll need to keep me on route. Have calculated I should be able to do it in 13 hours, if I can maintain a good speed and have a little help with the tides.

This will be a way longer distance and way longer time I have sat in the kayak up to now, so hoping every thing will go OK and I’ll still be able to get out of the boat back on shore and drive the 3 hours back home!

Please visit my JustGiving page and donate what you can – it’ll help to motivate me on my way roundAlum_Bay - June 29

About colonelorbit

A husband, a father, an Environmental Scientist and a Kayaker - not necessarily in that order!
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