A new year of challenges ahead for 2020

I’ve set myself a goal to raise more money this year for Crohns MAP Vaccine. The Crohns MAP Vaccine passed the Stage 1 trials and it is hoped the Stage 2 trials will start very soon. Remember, the CMV is the best chance for a permanent cure for this horrible debilitating disease.

My son’s Crohns was under control last year but this year it is not, the drugs aren’t working and he is in the middle of a horrible flare up. I had got complacent, had relaxed, but this flare up reminded me that I have work to do, to help raise awareness and raise some funds to help keep the lab at Kings College London supported in it’s work in the CMV human trials.

So this coming weekend is my first fundraising event coming up, the River Axe Race and I’m hoping for fair weather and a little luck. Last year I managed to come second in my class (sea kayak) and I’m hoping to match that, although I’ll be in a borrowed kayak, so who knows! I’ve updated the JustGiving page, with new information for this year, I really ought to go through and update the website too. Anyway, please see my JustGiving page and sponsor me!

Once this race is done, I have a plan, weather permitting to do a practice paddle out to Lundy Island and back (approximately 35km each way!), then hopefully a sponsored solo attempt, followed by an even bigger open crossing later, if I can work out the logistics. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.


About colonelorbit

A husband, a father, an Environmental Scientist and a Kayaker - not necessarily in that order!
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